Being Baniya

Went to a grocery store to buy orange juice. Was just picking up the Tropicana orange juice, this store guy came up to me and said.

Store guy: sir what are you doing?

Me: picking juice, WHAT ARE YOU DOING you sneaky bastard?

SG: sir i am here to advice you.

Me: ok, advice me smart ass (i didn’t call him that,  i said this mentally)

SG: Sir buy Sach orange juice, it’s a brand by Sachin Tendulkar and it has a discount.

Me: Not a fan of cricket but you had me at discount. What kind of discount are we talking about.

SG: Ridiculous one sir.

Me: ok but how much? *trying my best to not to show my grin upon hearing the word “discount”*

SG: 30 Rupees sir.

*Tropicana juice out. Sach juice in the basket.*

Moral of the story: No matter how deep you have buried him, No matter how hard you have tried to hide him from the world but the inner baniya will always be there with you. Everyone has a baniya inside. You can hide him and but you can’t kill him. Being baniya.

This is Prakhar Gupta. Have a great day. And if there is a discount sale going on please let me know.