Its been always very difficult for a person to describe himself and its not that a person himself has no clue about who he is but its about what the world sees in that person,For someone he can be a son/daughter(don’t want to discriminate over gender here),a father/mother,friend/foe and etc.

So to Describe a person in one word,one line or one para is like watching just the trailer of Star Wars(and yes the Earlier versions and not the new stupid prequels) without watching the entire movie and missing out all the awesomeness involved.

To have a better insight at a person’s character and personality either you need to meet him personally or know him properly,and therefore here i am,writing a blog for the first time.

This is Prakhar Gupta,signing off.Have a great day.



11 thoughts on “About

  1. so even the house has been brought down. I heard there is a painting in the house that brings bad luck. Do you have any insight into this…

    • No clue about that, i once went there around midnight with my friends, just a look at that house gave me chills and the scary part is that everything including furniture, electronics is placed right there and the gates are not too big to jump but no one ever dared to pick anything from that place.

  2. Did u actually went inside the house?
    Where all did u go in the house
    Did u find any stains whatsoever….if it is still in that state that means nobody cared to come and clean the house … Not even from some relative from the family that got murdered there…
    that is strange

    • we went there around midnight just to increase the intensity of the moment but none of us even dared to go near the gate. the thought of being inside gave us chills so we decided that its better to leave, plus the place looked so spooky that shiver ran down my spine. So i don’t know much about stains and stuff.

      • if you want the complete story, its better to visit the site, although the civic authorities have demolished the building and there is nothing but a plain ground but you can go & talk to locals about all this stuff

  3. Hi just read your comment on my blog and I am flattered. The thing is I am not that a good writer.Most of the time I am grammatically wrong. If I was any goood I would have readily agreed…but I am sry I am not. Anyways, Keep up the good work.

    Renu Sethi

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