A Walk i Don’t want to Remember

I always wanted to see the national museum of natural history. As a kid during my summer break I used to visit my maternal uncle’s home in Delhi with my mother and sister, I had a very good bonding with my cousins. Often my mother used to take us to historical monuments and museum. I have been to Science, doll, rail and air force museum during those trips but never to history museum. Even my cousins used to laugh at my suggestion. History for them was full of old and useless stuff.
Everything was planned for 29th July 2014. No office because of Eid. I had the entire day off, my plan was simple. Order a medium size cheese burst pizza for lunch. Eat the whole pizza in one sitting. Loathe myself for the next 2 hours for eating a cheese pizza. Read a book. Watch a movie. Still feel guilty for eating the damn pizza. Sleep. Swear in the name of all the 33 crore Hindu Gods and Goddess that I will never touch pizza for next 6 months.
But the whole plan went kaput when I woke up around 08:30 A.M. on 29th July 2014 sweating all over the bed sheet with no electricity in my house. I checked with my neighbors, they don’t seem to have any issue in their homes; I called my landlord and asked him to get it fixed. I knew that my plan has suffered a severe setback, now I had two options either to sit in house with no electricity which means no fan no ac, this option vaporized as soon as it got materialized or go out for a movie or to a museum, the museum thought hit my childhood memories, I have never been to History museum, I always wanted to go but the plan used to get cancelled, sometime because of work but mostly because none of my friends wanted to visit it and I was too dependent on them but not today, today I am determined and today might be the perfect day.
Within half an hour I was ready for my museum trip, the child inside me was very happy, my childhood dream was about to come true, It took me half an hour metro ride from saket to Rajiv chowk, as per internet, my destination is somewhere on barakhamba Road near FICCI Building. I tried to hire an auto for my destination, no one knew about it, some even tried to correct me, “Bhaiya you are looking for Science Museum, there is no history museum, who wants to see boring stuff”. It was childhood all over again; I shrugged off their negligence & decided to walk my way using GPS which was showing that my destination, The National Museum of Natural History, is just 1.5 km from my current location. I can walk that far easily I thought.
I reached at the exact spot blinking on my screen. As per GPS, my destination is right at the intersection of Tolstoy road & barakhamba Road, wait, this can’t be right, museum can’t be on or under the road, is it in Some other dimension or is it a underground secret museum accessible to only chosen few like hogwarts, the child inside me was kicking again. That was a stupid thought. I was left with two logical conclusions, one is that I am a dimwit who can’t read a GPS map and the other is that the GPS is wrong and it took me 5 minutes to figure out that I am not a dimwit, the GPS was actually wrong. I typed FICCI building in GPS, it was another 1 kilometer walk from my current location.
I finally reached my destination; a big blue board welcomed me followed by unwelcoming glances from the security Guards.
“It’s closed today, don’t you know today is Eid, come tomorrow”, said one of the Guard.
What was I thinking, It’s a public holiday, of course it is suppose to be closed. I overlooked one tiny detail because of too much happiness & anxiety. My mind was so preoccupied in thoughts that it even neglected the humidity in air. The walk back to home was hard & humid. This was the walk I probably don’t want to remember.


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