Indian Office Before & After Independence

(No Light on Stage)

Scene 1 – Before Independence

[Narration]- We were ruled by Britishers for more than 200 years and though we always frame them as a villain in our history books but forgets to give them credit for our current railway system which we boast to be the second largest of the world or for road network or for communication network ranging from postal service to Telephones. They brought a wave of changes in our country, may be for their benefits but they did made an impact on our lives.

Many Things changed after independence but what didn’t is the work hierarchy.

(Spot light on Soldier, lanky figure, like a victim of malnourishment wearing traditional khaki shirt and half pants with a wooden stick in hand)

[Narration]- This is an employee of a Multi National Company called East India Company earlier he wanted to become a revolutionary, his parents had different opinion, they urged him to get a safer & steady career path, he provides no Benefit to his country, all his services are for the Queen, his foreigner masters and their country, hated by his fellow countrymen, enemy of freedom fighters. No Body likes this guy or his work, not even he likes his work. In case of success, he never gets the credit, in case of failure or job cuts, he is the one who gets sacrificed first.

(Spot light on a subedar, pot bellied and in his 40’s)

[Narration]- This is also an employee of the aforementioned MNC though after years of his service, he is now a part of senior management comprising of mostly Indians, although they are seniors but they have no real power, in every weekly meeting they are thrashed by their masters. Higher command, i.e. the foreigners gives orders to subedars who pass down the commands to the lowest rank soldiers. He is neither ruthless nor adorable. Soldiers have sympathy for him for taking direct fire from higher command but secretly want to take his place.

(Spot light on the higher command, British origins, in the prime of life, energetic and perfectly healthy)

[Narration]- This Gentleman is a foreigner; his primary job is to sit tight on his chair, scold few subedars, and once in a blue moon call for a meeting with the lowly Soldiers of his team, he never laughs with them, he never care for them, in fact for him, soldiers do not exist.

(Spot Light on Some fancy Pants Britisher, Rude and Egoistic with no mercy in his eyes for lowly Indian Soldiers)

[Narration]- This Gentleman is visiting India for the first time to suck Indian Blood or in Delicate words, for Business & he means his business. His Deadlines are tight, tighter than his pants & even if you finish the job with in time, do not except any bonus or perks. For him, it is your duty to finish the job. And the worst part is that even though it was the Soldier who did the entire job but the credit will go to the higher command, higher command in return will say few praises for Subedar and subedar won’t even discuss the success of project with soldier.

Scene 2 – After Independence

 I guess nothing much changed for the regular office goer of our Country. For those who understood the references, thank you for taking time to read & for numb nuts here are the references-
Soldier – Engineer/Executive, which means you.

Subedar – Manager/Team Lead, don’t kid yourself, you can’t be Manager at this age, are you?

if yes then Damn.

High Command – That White/Asian Guy in your office whom you see in his cabin or once in meeting shouting that targets are not matching. Cause targets never match. You can match everyone on Bharat matrimonial but not these bloody targets.

Fancy pants Foreigner – Client, Customer or also lovingly known as blood sucking parasite.

P.S. – oh, By the way, I should have mentioned this earlier, if you are in Public sector, running your own business or have your own practice as a lawyer or doctor or a student, you won’t understand the Pain of Lowly Indian Soldier. This Blog wasn’t targeted at you but thank you for reading. This was solely for the “MNC” crowd which is still living under the influence that they are free.

This is Prakhar Gupta, Have a Nice Day & match those Damn Targets.

P.S. – A request to those who gets easily offended. Please don’t. This is a work of fiction & a little bit of humor. Take it lightly. if you Like it, go ahead & share it. And if you hate it, go ahead & screw yourself.


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