How we are killing our Nation


You know what irony is, when the same person who complains about pathetic bus conditions beat the living shit out of the buses in previous riots. That’s what irony is. What is happening during this “Bharat Bandh” Can’t be labelled as peaceful protest or even protest. Protest is when you fight for your own rights but not with your fellow countrymen because that’s what rioting is.Yes, you should ask for a pay hike, yes our government is indifferent towards us,you want an increment so that you can put food on the table for your family but at what cost, by harassing women on road, by burning private and public vehicles, by damaging private properties.

I work in Noida Sector-81, phase 2. Central hub for Mechanical and labour based industries in Noida. My company is an MNC, our government provided extra security not to us but to the foreign delegates so nothing happened outside my company because of extra force but what about our Indian companies or the small scales industries, when i was returning from work, i saw the havoc created by the mob, Private vehicles burnt to ashes, Building’s ransacked,broken windows but the mob didn’t stopped there, they started looting pedestrians, after all this chaos and an estimated loss of 26000 Cr, you expect government to hand over you your hike.
Bang up job you morons.
When your father is indifferent towards you, neglects you or keep you in pain, do you burn down your own house?
Just because some lame asshole stood up with a mike in his hand, you will follow him like a herd of sheep. and i am not talking only about labour class, even highly educated government employees are demanding a hike and with all their rallies and hate speeches, simple minded labour class is getting agitated.
What people did for “Nirbhaya” at India Gate was a Protest, What Anna Hazare did at Ram Lila Maidan was a Protest, but this So called Bharat Bandh is Simply Killing your own Nation.