Not a typical Love story


My eyes were getting heavy, although I dried them out last night but still few teardrops were rolling down my cheeks. I stopped paying attention to my surrounding; I fixed my gaze on her and all that matter to me was her hand holding me tightly. I wasn’t ready for this sudden departure, she promised me last night that she will never leave me alone and will always be there for me but I just couldn’t believe her now. She is here to bid her goodbyes and still making me promises that she will come back for me in couple of hours. May be I should believe her and wait for few hours to check whether she is lying or not but on the second thought I think I should just hold her tightly and never let her go.

“It’s time to go”, she said.

Although she was trying her best to hide her emotions but I could sense that her voice was also getting fragile. She almost choked before speaking up again, till now she was determined to leave me but my sobbing made her weak.

“Look, I promised you last night, didn’t I? I will come back for you”.

She caressed my hair; she does that whenever she tries to console me. We sat there on a bench for few more minutes, an eerie silence engulfed me. We were interrupted by a Gentleman in White clothes.

“Ma’am I am afraid but we have to go, time is running by and even you don’t want him to get late, do you?”

She only nodded in her response; I guess she was even more traumatized at my departure than I was. The gentleman in formals took my hand and pulled me from the bench, I reluctantly got up from my position but she pulled me towards her, hugged me and planted a kiss on my forehead. She tried hard but couldn’t stop her tears, she looked away from me may be trying to give me emotional strength by making herself look tough and strong but she failed.

The gentleman in White gave us few more minutes, maybe he has already seen such kind of emotional breakdowns.

She wiped my tears and promised me that she will come back for me, this time she was determined and asked the gentleman in White to take me with him, I also didn’t made a fuss this time and followed him quietly.

She was my mother who waited outside operation theatre while The Gentleman in white (Dr. Gill of Agra) performed tonsil and nostril infection surgery on me when I was 8 years old.

Not every love story starts with a guy meeting a girl. Sometimes you don’t need to tell a person how much you love them, your action speaks for you.

This is Prakhar Gupta.Have a nice day.



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