I am not watching Fear Files ever again

Last Night, My friend Nitendra (D2) and I were just done watching Sunil Dutt starring Padosan on TV when he suggested that we should watch a new horror show called Fear Files which is claimed to be based on real stories. I being a horror fan thought that this one won’t be different from other horror shows running on TV with loud make up, extra heavy dose of overacting and nothing but a clichéd story of ghost taking revenge or something. But I was wrong.

We missed the initial 15 minutes of the show but the story was simple enough to pick up from where we started watching it. A south Indian Girl was narrating her story. She lost her mother at an early age and her father was wooed by a sexy yet cunning looking ghost of a girl, her father didn’t know that their new neighbor who is openly flirting with him is a ghost, so after a brief period of flirting and awkward human-ghost romance, her father decided to marry that ghost and I won’t blame him, she was hot.

Her father marrying a ghost, ghost having opposite legs, her teeth and eyes turning red whenever she is alone, dog barking at that ghost, I mean all of this has been exploited by Horror directors for ages and there is nothing new, everything was a cliché. I started to consider it like just another repetitive ghost show with nothing new. But I was wrong.

Then comes the scene which terrified me, the girl who was narrating the story was in her bathroom standing while facing a mirror; suddenly a figure appeared right before her eyes out of thin air. It was an old lady wearing white sari (Cliché) but what was not usual was her disfigured face, her white eye staring right at you, piercing your soul and vanishes right before girl’s eyes. That wasn’t the usual scary ghost that was almost real and vivid. That was enough for me to change the channel.

D2 had to leave for Noida early in the morning so he decided to spend the night at our friend’s place in Noida, he was getting ready and so was I, and I wasn’t in the state to stay behind alone. I was not able to shake that image of old lady out of my mind. I knew that I’ll be the center of ghost jokes for my friends but I just couldn’t spend the night alone.

Sunny and Arpit had a good laugh when I reached their place and I don’t blame them for it, even I would have done the same and it’s not that this was not the first horror show I saw. I have been through Zee Horror show, X Zone, Aahat, Supernatural, The exorcist, the ring, Shutter, Raaj, Ramsey brother’s films like Purana mandir and others ( they were scary when we were kids but funny later on) and tons of others movies and serials but never felt the chill like I had while watching that scene.

I really don’t know what happened, I don’t know why I acted like a chicken and ran away, May be sometimes things like these bring back old horrifying memories which got cover up by time only to be re-discovered by images like these. I am not a coward but last night I just couldn’t gather up the courage to stay alone because I knew that I will see that image in my dream and I was correct because those eyes were the only things that pop up in my dream last night.

I am so not watching Fear Files Ever again.