Who you really want to be,Son????

Last year’s movie Inception Taught us many things like getting piss-ass drunk and start believing that you are in a dream within a dream within a dream until you realize that you are lying in a gutter with dog aiming his piss at your face like a counter terrorist aiming sniper at a terrorist in Counter Strike and in my View, Inception’s ending which still remains a mystery is nothing but a bunch of mentally challenged morons with drinking problem locked up in asylum, but we aren’t here to make fun of one of the greatest and mind boggling movie of all time and also one of the favorite movie of mine.We are here to discuss about dreams. Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep (yup, I referred Wikipedia for that because, hey Wikipedia knows everything, bitch).

Inception categorized dreams in 3 stages

-Single stage

-Double stage

-Triple stage

And then there was limbo but that’s all about the movie. In reality or rather say according to the topic of this blog, there are only two types of dreams.

One you watch while sleeping and the one which you watch with wide open eyes (now don’t go all Duh on me, I know everyone knows that but the blog isn’t over here so keep on reading)

Day dreaming is often termed as fantasy(Funny thing about fantasy which only holds true for guys is that when you say or read this word your brain automatically draw a sexy-scantily clad-blonde provoking your thoughts, if you know what I mean…;)) but that’s not all about fantasizing.

Sometimes you fantasize about being a superhero or the lone survivor of zombie apocalypse fighting and saving the remaining people or someone else but mostly a hero, I mean who in their right mind would choose to be a villain in his own dreams until and unless you are picturizing yourself as The Joker from The Dark knight, that’s something cool.

Cinema has always been a source of influence for me. I take my share of motivation from both Bollywood and Hollywood movies and I don’t know how many of you felt the same way but whenever I came out of a theater after watching an action flick, all I want to do is kick some ass.

And this influence of movies on me is not new, I remember, after watching Sarfarosh I turned to my Father and said “I am going to be an ACP” and my father was laughing at my ignorance. As I grew up, my career preferences changed with every Friday’s release. After Border I turned to my Father and said “Dad, I am going to be a Soldier and save this country” and some other patriotic Sunny deol dialogues which I don’t remember now. But what I never realized that my father already had plans for me, you see, he belongs to that generation which has always portrayed doctors as GOD, no doubt they are and engineers as Engineers babu saving the God damn village from flood by building dams and whoring around in village with the most sexiest village girl you can ever imagine but they never used MS excel and MS PowerPoint for that because back then engineers were really engineers(minus the dance sequence and action scenes with the village Zamindar and not like today’s clerical engineers using all those aforementioned MS Soft ware’s).

So after watching one lame TV serial about doctors where female doctors were sexy, nurses were sexy, female patient were sexy, hell even the “Kaamwali bai” were sexy, so I turned to my father with my “I- am-going-to-be” expressions on face one more time but before I could utter a single word he, for the first time, said “look, the only thing common between you and a doctor is your handwriting and I too know why you want to be a Doctor pervert” and he raised the question for the first time “So except doctor, who you really want to be, Son”

Although my brain ordered me to say Superman or Batman but hearing this choice of profession from a 16 year old boy would have definitely given a heart attack to my father so I decided to go for little less heroic yet easy profession(or that’s what I used to think about engineering before college but now I know that neither it’s heroic Cause I am not building dams and saving the pretty young girls with my undies over my pants nor it’s easy for college students to pass this direct-from-hell course without getting a back in any subject)

Upon completion of engineering and almost one year at job, me and my father sat down, had a little face to face confrontation involving mostly about my job and life. After hearing “Dard Bhari” Story of an engineer, he laid down many options in front of me, mostly involving mountains of books and head spinning, mind twisting study and I bluntly said no to each and every option which brought us to the end of conversation with one final question.

“Who you really want to be, Son?????”My father inquired.

I stammered first and then in crystal clear voice I answered, “I DON’T KNOW………”


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