Of Broken dreams and empty pockets (every engineer’s story)

As a kid we all had dreams of becoming something big, I mean in childhood you don’t run around saying that one day you will be an “engineer working your ass off for a corporation who don’t give a damn about you and your package will be the lowest of all time” but instead you want to achieve certain goals, certain ends, certain something that will make you stand out among a group, make you the best among the rest but that’s the beauty of childhood, you live in delusions without realizing that your dreams will always remain dreams.

Most of us as a kid dream of becoming a superhero and you just can’t say no to that and still some of us Daydream about being a superhero and pray to god to grant us some kind of superpower(although for that you need to fulfill certain criteria’s like being an alien from krypton or insanely rich to make a giant bat suit or iron suit to just fly around giving a smug smile or go under some kind of mutancy by getting yourself bit by a spider {*kids these stupid “bit-by-spider-stunts” are performed by super idiots so don’t try them at yourself}  to liberate ourselves from the pathetic life that has turn out to be esp. after 4 awesome college years and you can’t say no to that too.

And it’s not that people have not fulfilled their dreams, look at sachin tendulkar, the ordinary boy next door turn out to be the God of billions or shahrukh khan, the only superstar of bollywood without any film industry connection or Lionel messi,who served tea in a restaurant to support his football practice but the probability of your son turning into next sachin or shahrukh or  messi or let’s say a rocket scientist(don’t want to hurt nerds) or Mother Teresa(don’t want to hurt girls either, I mean who in their right mind would hurt such a beautiful and delicate creation of God, Thank you God for such a wonderful gift to Mankind, what were we talking about…oh yes, pardon my pervetness,back to the topic) is like one in billion.

After all that dreaming and working hard till high school, you decided to do something extraordinary (or that’s what you thought about engineering) and said “hey,lets piss on my dreams and Hard work and screw myself for eternity, but how can I do that????Yes I can do that by doing engineering. And you stood up in slow motion like a badass and said the worst line of all time “I AM GOING TO BE AN ENGINEER”

And I really don’t know why Indian parents have a thing for engineering. Why are they so fascinated by this pain-in-the-ass Engineering. May be because of the old Hindi movies of 70’s and 80’s in which engineer is not merely an engineer but he is “ENGINEER BABU” making dam for the village, dancing around with the local sexy siren of the village(funny fact-I am still looking for that village where village girls wear revealing clothes like the one they show in Hindi movies) and in the end saving that pretty, innocent yet inappropriately dressed village girl from getting raped by the evil landlord or his son(but it’s not their mistake, she was clearly asking for it or at least that’s what her dress made them think).

The point is, where is engineering in all that and where is engineering in what most of the current generation engineers do, I mean, you can’t call working on Excel as engineering and the serious point is “are we really engineers” I mean after 4 years in college and exactly 239 days at work, I am still not sure about what does an engineer do. We crush our dreams to shoulder our parent’s expectations even if we suck at fulfilling those expectations.

I have already said this earlier, Don’t be Spiderman, don’t stick to one thing, explore things, make your life count and do what you really want to do instead of following the footsteps as if you are a part of a herd of sheep and I know that it’s easy being preachy but at least late realization is still a realization.

So, Apart from telling my kids about “how I met their mother”, I am also going to let them choose their career option (P.S.-Conditions Applied..:p)

Don’t be Spiderman, Be superman, be everywhere, achieve all your dreams.

This is Prakhar Gupta.Have a nice day.