6 Types of Friends in your Life

We meet new people every day. In college, In office, in metro, and yes how can you not include face book in this list(though the probability of getting accepted by a new girl who by any chance is not a fake profile is very rare).but still we make new friends and so on….

But this is not about the new so called “Facebook friends” that we make. This is a real life scenario; this is about holding on to a relation in spite of the distances between and still having the same feeling and emotions as they used to be. This is about the Type of Friends in your Life and the type which you will meet further.

1.    Siblings(If you don’t have a sibling curse your parents not me because my list won’t change)

 The very first lesson of friendship and Enemiship (yeah, I know, it’s not correct, but who cares, so shut up and read) we learn is because of our siblings. we play stupid games with them and after those games if we lose (which we always do) we fight with them but no matter what this is the most beautiful relation you hold on this earth (if you are two brothers, than I am not kidding but this is when you get the basics of a very unique education called “Bro Codes” Education, True Story)

 2.       Parents

Yes, in my list of friends parents come second. Though you may say that they are the one who take care of us and all other stuff but ask yourself, with whom you had the most amazing time of your childhood, sibling or you parents??

No doubt nobody in this world can replace parents but when it comes to friendship all your childhood secrets (from “who ate the cookie” to “Who is having a girlfriend”) were known to your siblings and not to your parents.

 3.       Childhood Friends

 This friendship starts when for the first time you step out of your house.

It’s the “Kid-next-door”.

This friendship is the most innocent phase of your life. But sadly, you won’t remember much about this for long. The older you get, more hazed those memories will get. May be some of us still have those childhood friends but Geographical distances create emotional boundaries between this particular friendship.

 4.       High school friends

 Aahh, yes, the slambook friends of yours, Back then filling slambook was considered the bond of friendship. And you are one lucky guy if your name is in the slam book of most of the girls of your class. It was matter of pride for you and other guys will hate you for sure, even your best friends. The slam book friendship is only for a small span of your life, once you are out of school, End of story. Only a few will be in touch no matter how hard you try to remain Friends with all of them though you made a promise during your school farewell that you’ll remain in touch but you failed.

This is also the phase where you will meet Leechers (in Bit torrent terminology it is “people who are not sharing what they have but are downloading what you have”) or Backstabbers, They will be your friends only for purpose, if you are a class representative or Head boy, you will suddenly find yourself surrounded by leechers.You will have these guys in your face book account but you will never even say hi to them.

Call it an irony but some of my best Friends are from this phase of my life and I love them all.Ishant Bansal, Nikhil Upadhyay, Nishchaya Jain, Saurabh Singh and Swati Upadhyay(Names in Alphabetical order) this is for you guys.

5.       College Friends

 The Most Awesome and Amazing time of your life is incomplete without the most awesome and amazing friends of your life. They know everything about you, even more than your parents. They have seen you laughing hysterically and crying childishly. They have seen your ups and downs. They know all about your past, living with you in your present and definitely can write an entire 40 page UPTU External semester paper sheet describing your future and will even ask for an extra B copy. They were with you during your happiest moments, shared your grief when you were beaten down and you know that you can rely on these shoulders. If parents taught you how to walk, these friends made you sprint.

JD,D2,Shatty,Shrey,Sankalp(Damu),Sunny(saanp),Sumit(Daru), Sambhav,Hitesh ,Lokesh,ayush,ankur,nika,Gandhi,Imran,Prashant(munga),Prashant Varshney,Muddu ,chichi,Manu,Sanchit Goel,Dhruv ,Arpit ,Prakhar Pandey,Nishant(Rahat/Roadies/Chennai Wala),Vikku,Vibhu,Veeru,VP,Mino,Sanchit srivastava,Shantanu (Ganja),Rashid,Syed and all the others(sorry if I am Forgetting someone),this one is for you guys….Miss you all.

6.       Parents

Yes, I didn’t mention much about them in the previous paragraph. Because you were a kid in that paragraph, a kid for whom parents are not friends but caretakers, the one who fulfill your dreams, your demands and desires without any complaints. But now you have seen life, you know how hard it is, you know the value of true friendship.

You no longer Crave for restaurants or Crappy outside food, easy money is no longer a delusion for you, you have realized that your mother is a brilliant cook and your father works hard to earn money, pay taxes, save money and yet fulfill all your stupid demands and pay for your bills.

Yes, your parents are your real friends; you just don’t realize this at the right time. Parents are like Batman, you have a guarding angel on your shoulder whose presence you can feel but all you see is Bruce Wayne (got it????Me neither but it sounded cool…:P)

 We make Friends, we forget friends. We get busy or stay in touch with friends but no matter what we all have friends.

You might not be a brother or sister or an uncle or aunt or a nephew or niece to someone but you will always be a friend to someone.

This is Prakhar Gupta.Have a Nice day.