Obsession Never Kills (So,Why So Serious????)

Have you ever heard of a man dying because of obsession? Well you may say that people die because of alcohol but that’s not their obsession for alcohol, it’s their addiction? So here I ask again..

Have you ever heard of a man dying because of obsession? well you may say that people kill themselves because those morons were dumped by their love interest(read-Bitches) but no that’s not obsession with a person that force them to take their life that’s their possessiveness for that person.

So till now it’s pretty much clear that obsession has never ever hurt a person although according to “I-KNOW-EVERYTHING-BITCH” Wikipedia’s dictionary called Wiktionary(and I am not making this up, they literally named it Wiktionary) Obsession is a “compulsive or irrational preoccupation”. Got it??????

Well let me clarify it…it means “Wikipedia sucks big time” cause when I searched the word obsession it also showed me the link of a pornographic actress known as “obsession” who by the way was not hot (wasted my time, I was getting excited).So the word obsession is not a harmful word which is used by wise people (read-frustrated people) against you to show you that you are totally obsessed with things that irritate them.

From past few days I keep hearing this word from people’s mouth about me being obsessed about certain things.

But wait, you don’t know what I am obsessed with and since I will post this blog on FB so I can’t write certain things which by the way every guy in this world is obsessed with and you know what I mean. So here goes the List.


2-Manchester united

3-The Dark Knight (lost count of how many times I have seen this movie).

4-Joker’s acting in The Dark Knight

5- And that’s it, in the mean time I have to pretend to work in my office too (not an obsession, cause this obsession can literally kill you).

To be obsessed with something and I repeat something and not someone, is not harmful. It’s your obsession that define your personality, It’s your obsession that make you realize who you are, it’s your obsession which makes you “YOU” again. Without obsession, life is nothing but an old cassette stuck in your old cassette player repeating itself again and again and irritating you again and again (and seriously if you still have those cassette players than you really need an obsession).

So find something (not someone) to hang on to because that SOMEONE might leave you one day but that SOMETHING will stay with you forever.

This is Prakhar Gupta asking you one more question for One of the many last times Cause I will Ask again

“Why so serious, let’s put a smile on your face”

Have a Nice Obsessed Day……(don’t ask me what an obsessed day is,even i don’t know.I wrote it because it sounded cool……:p)


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