For the First Time

Do you Remember the first time you opened your eyes and capture the view of this world in your tiny innocent eyes?Do you Remember the First time you said “I don’t want to go to school” with Teary eyes and hands clutching Mom’s saree begging her to never let go off you from her eye sight?Do you Remember the first time your father took you out to a candy shop and the only question troubling you at that moment was that “Why can’t dad buy this whole candy shop for me”?Do you Remember your first fight with your sibling?Do you Remember your first smile?Do you remember your first pain,cry and tears in your Mom’s worried eyes?

No,you don’t.May be because,Medically speaking,your brain was not developed yet or in a unconscious state or May be because,Emotionally speaking,all these happy memories are bound to vanish as you grew soon realize that life is not a walk in the park,its much more than that.Lets fast forward a bit.

Do you remember the first time you achieved some thing extra ordinary in school?Do you remember your first friend in school?Do you remember the first time your Father said “i am Proud of you”?Do you remember the first time you proposed a girl?Do you remember the first time you did something terrible and your folks were ashamed of you?Do you Remember the first time you realize that as you grew older,life gets harder?

Some of them you remember and some you may not.Now you know what to save in your personnel computer known as Brain.And now you also know that from this point on life is not that slice of cake which it used to be.Lets fast forward a bit.

Do you remember the first time you entered your college?Do you Remember the first time you made friends for life?Do you remember the first time you said “Fuck you life” when you were too drunk to even stand on your feet?Do you remember the first day you actually Fall in love and later you realized that she/he is a bitch/bastard(Funny story-Everyone has one bitch/bastard in their life and no matter what,you will always have feeling for them)?Do you remember the first time you got a job letter in your hand?Do you Remember the First time you felt a feeling like a sharp knife is piercing your heart when your second Family(your friends) were gone at the end of college?

Yes,you remember everything as clear as a crystal and no matter what,you can never forget all these mixed feelings.All these FIRST TIMES will always haunt you,keep reminding you of who you were,what you used to be and now what you are and soon you will realize that this life is nothing but a dull movie whose best part you have already seen and from now on the story has lost its twist and turns.This might sound a bit sadistic but this is a reality and if by any means you have lost your goal or let your guards down even for few seconds,this bitch will eat you alive.So always remember those happy First Times.

People keep telling me,Grow up Prakhar,Stop acting like a kid but if this is what lies ahead of me then i would always be a kid.

Stay Focused,Stay Busy and Stay a Kid.

This is Prakhar Gupta.Have a nice day.


11 thoughts on “For the First Time

  1. nice touchy …………….sob sob ohhh i got tears in my eyes

    no dude no kidding its actually good amazing mind blasting

    n ya do u remeber the first time ur dad said to u beta lets have a walk after dinner another funny story naa

  2. hahaha…its very difficult to sum up everything in one blog…that incident is a story in itself….one day will write about that too…thanks for reminding me of that..:) and i know that some of the lines did made you go back in time to the incidents happened in college….

  3. A nice one …;)
    U knw r a different guy,
    life needs sacrifice and
    u loved everyone and Idk why !

    This is ur USP just be with it!

      • hopefully, i will gather courage someday to post mine ….! sometimes its too dark, to show why know abt ur past … 🙂

  4. abe teri…
    i never seen that part of you man..this is really really really gud… [no sarcasm :)] ..
    nd i don’t need to say this tht u have amazing writing skills …be more regular…
    P.S- write something humorous….

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