10 Reasons for “Why you should Watch Don :2”

As I left my cozy bed to go for the last show of the night of Don: 2 around 9 which mean driving bike in the spine chilling cold breeze of December, my mind was questioning its own thinking ability.

“How can you forget that hangover and headache you had after RA-ONE? Or those dreadful and horrifying dreams of RA-ONE and GAY-ONE Video Game fight Scenes?”Asked the “Film Critic” inside me.

But then I realize that since I haven’t done anything since morning except for just wondering what I can do today, so I dragged my Lazy and angry-at-me ass to go for Don: 2

Without wasting any time here, So Here Goes the list of 10 reasons why you should watch Don: 2…..

1-Movie start with a promising note which means action scene in the beginning of the movie and for the first time, action looked good on SRK.

2-Action is the main USP of the movie which will keep your interest in the movie throughout.

3-Farhan Akhtar Did a good narration of the story which was well written and for the first time ever i heard the Word “Touche” or “Kinky” in a Hindi Movie which means that the directed tried to give it a Hollywood touch not only in action but also in dialogues and he succeeded in that.

4-Thank God there is only one song-dance sequence in this movie although SRK wore black sunglasses inside a club and instead of Running away from police preferred to dance (one of the few loop holes of movie).

5-Talking of loop holes, which Moron came up with the idea of taking Hrithik as a body double of SRK.I mean, come on idiots how can a guy of around 6 feet Height and broad shoulders can be used as body double of a Person who is both short and less broad than Priyanka Chopra.But the Chase scene after that is pretty good and will make you forget that stupid mistake.

6-Everyone acted well, Yes SRK too(unbelievable, Right????).

7-So if you are Family guy, your kids will definitely drag you to watch their Favorite Gay Icon (after Justin beiber)

8-If you are newly married or in a relationship, there is no romantic or Christmas or New Year theme movie in theatres, so you don’t have any choice for these winter vacations.

9-And last but not the least, if you are a single guy, well than you really don’t have any option. So,enough with porno,go out and watch something else too.

10-I just needed to complete the 10th point and nothing was coming in my mind so it’s a blank.

Well since I am not a critic who would use big and complicated, difficult-to-spell words to describe acting or Story or action or cinematography (I just put this one to make me look more authentic, I actually don’t know the true meaning of this word “Cinematography” or what does a cinematographer do),although I could Google difficult words but that would be lame(talking of lame,SRK Really need to get over with that kkkkkk kiran style, which he does in all his movies)

This is the first time I shot down the Film Critic Inside of me so that the entertainment lover can enjoy a well directed movie by Farhan Akhtar.

P.S.-If after reading this post,you decided to watch the movie and you didn’t like it at all than the writer of this blog will not be responsible for your money loss and please don’t curse him.

This is Prakhar Gupta.Merry Christmas and have a nice day.


Obsession Never Kills (So,Why So Serious????)

Have you ever heard of a man dying because of obsession? Well you may say that people die because of alcohol but that’s not their obsession for alcohol, it’s their addiction? So here I ask again..

Have you ever heard of a man dying because of obsession? well you may say that people kill themselves because those morons were dumped by their love interest(read-Bitches) but no that’s not obsession with a person that force them to take their life that’s their possessiveness for that person.

So till now it’s pretty much clear that obsession has never ever hurt a person although according to “I-KNOW-EVERYTHING-BITCH” Wikipedia’s dictionary called Wiktionary(and I am not making this up, they literally named it Wiktionary) Obsession is a “compulsive or irrational preoccupation”. Got it??????

Well let me clarify it…it means “Wikipedia sucks big time” cause when I searched the word obsession it also showed me the link of a pornographic actress known as “obsession” who by the way was not hot (wasted my time, I was getting excited).So the word obsession is not a harmful word which is used by wise people (read-frustrated people) against you to show you that you are totally obsessed with things that irritate them.

From past few days I keep hearing this word from people’s mouth about me being obsessed about certain things.

But wait, you don’t know what I am obsessed with and since I will post this blog on FB so I can’t write certain things which by the way every guy in this world is obsessed with and you know what I mean. So here goes the List.


2-Manchester united

3-The Dark Knight (lost count of how many times I have seen this movie).

4-Joker’s acting in The Dark Knight

5- And that’s it, in the mean time I have to pretend to work in my office too (not an obsession, cause this obsession can literally kill you).

To be obsessed with something and I repeat something and not someone, is not harmful. It’s your obsession that define your personality, It’s your obsession that make you realize who you are, it’s your obsession which makes you “YOU” again. Without obsession, life is nothing but an old cassette stuck in your old cassette player repeating itself again and again and irritating you again and again (and seriously if you still have those cassette players than you really need an obsession).

So find something (not someone) to hang on to because that SOMEONE might leave you one day but that SOMETHING will stay with you forever.

This is Prakhar Gupta asking you one more question for One of the many last times Cause I will Ask again

“Why so serious, let’s put a smile on your face”

Have a Nice Obsessed Day……(don’t ask me what an obsessed day is,even i don’t know.I wrote it because it sounded cool……:p)

For the First Time

Do you Remember the first time you opened your eyes and capture the view of this world in your tiny innocent eyes?Do you Remember the First time you said “I don’t want to go to school” with Teary eyes and hands clutching Mom’s saree begging her to never let go off you from her eye sight?Do you Remember the first time your father took you out to a candy shop and the only question troubling you at that moment was that “Why can’t dad buy this whole candy shop for me”?Do you Remember your first fight with your sibling?Do you Remember your first smile?Do you remember your first pain,cry and tears in your Mom’s worried eyes?

No,you don’t.May be because,Medically speaking,your brain was not developed yet or in a unconscious state or May be because,Emotionally speaking,all these happy memories are bound to vanish as you grew older.you soon realize that life is not a walk in the park,its much more than that.Lets fast forward a bit.

Do you remember the first time you achieved some thing extra ordinary in school?Do you remember your first friend in school?Do you remember the first time your Father said “i am Proud of you”?Do you remember the first time you proposed a girl?Do you remember the first time you did something terrible and your folks were ashamed of you?Do you Remember the first time you realize that as you grew older,life gets harder?

Some of them you remember and some you may not.Now you know what to save in your personnel computer known as Brain.And now you also know that from this point on life is not that slice of cake which it used to be.Lets fast forward a bit.

Do you remember the first time you entered your college?Do you Remember the first time you made friends for life?Do you remember the first time you said “Fuck you life” when you were too drunk to even stand on your feet?Do you remember the first day you actually Fall in love and later you realized that she/he is a bitch/bastard(Funny story-Everyone has one bitch/bastard in their life and no matter what,you will always have feeling for them)?Do you remember the first time you got a job letter in your hand?Do you Remember the First time you felt a feeling like a sharp knife is piercing your heart when your second Family(your friends) were gone at the end of college?

Yes,you remember everything as clear as a crystal and no matter what,you can never forget all these mixed feelings.All these FIRST TIMES will always haunt you,keep reminding you of who you were,what you used to be and now what you are and soon you will realize that this life is nothing but a dull movie whose best part you have already seen and from now on the story has lost its twist and turns.This might sound a bit sadistic but this is a reality and if by any means you have lost your goal or let your guards down even for few seconds,this bitch will eat you alive.So always remember those happy First Times.

People keep telling me,Grow up Prakhar,Stop acting like a kid but if this is what lies ahead of me then i would always be a kid.

Stay Focused,Stay Busy and Stay a Kid.

This is Prakhar Gupta.Have a nice day.